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AdExcite Video is a digital video advertising network that delivers high performing ad units on websites, tablets, and mobile devices. With video ad inventory aggregated from over 1000 premium web publisher partners and with over 110 million monthly unique visitors, AdExcite Video is the fastest-growing major video ad network of its class.

Hundreds of quality publishers work with AdExcite Video to maximize the value of their online inventory. Our technology allows a site to reach beyond the standard banner to add significant incremental revenue. AdExcite Video's total online audience size is tracked by comScore's Media Metrix and listed as AdExcite-Video. AdExcite Video's ad traffic is tracked by comScore's Video Metrix and is listed as the AdExcite Video Network.

From the Founders

Founded in Austin, Texas in 2009, AdExcite Video values innovation and treating our clients with integrity and excellent service. We have been selling, creating and delivering online ad campaigns for brands since 1996. There were far fewer buyers, a limited pool of display ad units, and the Internet medium was far from ubiquitous. But, it was a dynamic medium and we were all hooked. Through hundreds of successes (and a more than a few bumps along the way), we've learned a thing or two. Most importantly, the best strategy for growing an Internet advertising business is unparalleled service to our clients — minimizing the headaches and heavy lifting of buying online advertising while remaining responsive to ever-changing requirements, delivering on our agreements with you, and fairly and honestly addressing any problems.

With the goal of providing enhanced revenue to quality web publishers and creating an entirely new source of inventory for online video advertising, AdExcite Video began. At the time, only websites that had video content could benefit from the higher rates video ads earned. Video ads consisted almost entirely of pre-roll. If you had limited or no video content, you essentially couldn't run video ads.

AdExcite Video changed all that with its development of the vSlider video ad unit. Web publishers who have no video capabilities paste a line of proprietary code provided by AdExcite Video onto their sites to start running vSlider ads. This ad unit created a major new source of video inventory from a previously untapped pool of mid and long tail web publishers.

Today, AdExcite Video is a top 10 digital video ad network selling a full range of video ad types to major brands like Chevrolet, Ford, Pepsi, Universal Studios, State Farm and AT&T. We deliver ads to more than 100 million unique visitors across 1000 sites every month. With headquarters in Austin, Texas and offices in Los Angeles, we are inspired by the creativity and innovation that surrounds us. Our goal is to keep growing our company with the help of passionate, engaged team members and an honest commitment to serving clients well.

The Founders

Bill Wiemann, Phil Banfield, & Matt Bentley

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