AdExcite Video

Make an Impact

The AdExcite Video advertising network reaches over 100 million unique viewers every month at premium, passion point sites. We offer a broader range of high impact video advertising solutions — more than any other company in the industry.

Network Quality

All video ad units are not the same. AdExcite Video will provide the right mix of advertising products to meet your specific campaign goals and marketing objectives. With over 1,000 quality web domains in our network, our scale, reach, and product set allow us to always deliver the ad buy that's right for you — not simply what's available this month.

High-Impact Ad Units

Our custom ad unit — the vSlider — has been proven highly effective, and is only available through AdExcite Video. It presents a unique opportunity to differentiate the online video aspect of your campaign from those of your competitors. The vSlider is always displayed above the fold and is limited to displaying only once per day per unique viewer. The vSlider is tracked by comScore's Video Metrix®.

Advanced Targeting

AdExcite Video optimizes contextual, demographic, and behavioral data from our network so we can deliver the right ad, to the right audience, at the right time. Our ad delivery system, combined with diligent management, ensures that your campaign targets, run dates, and price/volume goals are honored.


Whatever your campaign's goal — reach, frequency, engagement, a specific audience or geography — we can build a customized plan and strategy to meet your needs.