AdExcite Video

"One line of code.
It's that easy!"

A Dynamic Partner for Great Web Publishers

When AdExcite Video was founded in 2009, only websites that had video content could benefit from the higher rates video ads earned.

Video ads consisted almost entirely of pre-roll ads — video commercials that ran before users could see the video content they came to see. If you had no or limited video content, you couldn't earn revenue from video ads.

AdExcite Video changed all that with its development of the vSlider. Web publishers who have no video capabilities simply paste a line of proprietary code provided by AdExcite Video onto their sites to start running vSlider ads. The vSlider doesn't block users from seeing and reading the content they came for, and each ad is only displayed once per day.

Today, AdExcite Video sells a full range of video ad types for major brands, including:

  • Chevrolet
  • Ford
  • Pepsi
  • Universal Studios
  • State Farm
  • AT&T

We deliver ads to more than 100 million unique visitors across 1,000 sites every month. AdExcite Video is always searching for new, high quality inventory to add to our network.

Regardless of whether or not your site has video content, you can generate incremental revenue from online video advertising.